Jordan Burchette

Jordan Burchette

Journalist, cultural relic.

Before embarking on a life of leisure and recreational crime fighting, Jordan dazzled masses with his winsome prose and keen insight as a top editor at websites for ESPN, Maxim, CNN and others.

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Rolling Stone

The Worldwide Cheerleader: ESPN and the College Football Playoff

Is ESPN pushing a pro-SEC agenda? We'll find out tonight when the first Playoff rankings are revealed

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Rolling Stone

Adrian Peterson and the Subjectivity of Savagery

Peterson's case casts a spotlight on the NFL, yet our corporal punishment laws remain in the shadows

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Rolling Stone

Recycled Rage: Ray Rice and the NFL's Righteous Indignation - Rolling Stone

Be angered by the ex-Raven's actions, but don't forget about the league's handling of violence against women