Jordan Burchette

Jordan Burchette

Journalist, cultural relic.

Before embarking on a life of leisure and recreational crime fighting, Jordan dazzled masses with his winsome prose and keen insight as a top editor at websites for ESPN, Maxim, CNN and others.

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Last-Minute Gift Guide - Own - Thrillist Nation

Last-Minute Gift Guide - Own - Thrillist Nation


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Welcome to the party, Lance Armstrong

Seven-time Tour de France unwinner Lance Armstrong's confession to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance-enhancing drugs was supposed to be earth shattering. So what's the earth still doing here?...

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Take a gander at tons of Batman stuff

Now through December 14th at the Event Deck beside the Nokia Theater, the studio is marking the release of The Dark Knight Rises by putting all five Batmobiles from the television and movie versions of Batman on display, along with a convention hall worth of movie props, costumes, and artwork...

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It's the pickup truck that's a basket

Frankly, we known nothing about this truck -- including the make and model -- other than that it's disguised as a furniture set from Pier 1....

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The controversial new basketball shoe with the split personality

Modeled after the classic combat boot, this newest installment in the Air Jordan umptrilogy offers two distinctive looks with a slide of its signature zipper -- and it's split the public similarly in two....

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It's a thing that's real

Until now, smelling like a Pizza Hut meant having to work in one. But the world's No. 1 pizza chain is extending that employee benefit to its most inexplicably loyal customers with the bottling of this limited-edition scent....

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These timepieces will get you flagged by the TSA for your unique style

It's hard enough getting three ounces of itch cream through airport security, so when Los Angeles art teacher Geoffrey McGann tried to pass through Oakland International Airport with a watch that looks like a movie bomb, it looked for a moment like he'd be re-routed through Guantanamo....

Open uri20140124 32329 dhbk52 article

Is this crazy police chase video real or fake?

Camcorders are for capturing all of life's most important moments. Even if they're not actually happening in front of you. Which is why this Inglewood, CA, resident was shooting a broadcast of a police chase on his television when it supposedly ended up passing right by his window...

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A portable nightclub for your Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth speakers are cool, but what are your eyes supposed to do while the music's playing? Acase's answer is the Black Diamond III, a Bluetooth speaker and accompanying light show that syncs with the rhythm of whatever's in your collection to turn any environment into a mini remote-controlled night club....

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Handcrafted wooden stuff you can use

Each week, this wood shop handcrafts a new item like a skateboard deck, kitchen utensil, speaker cabinet, lamp or cable clamp out of rare and reclaimed lumber in limited -- sometimes one-and-done -- quantities....